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by Go Ahead

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Recorded on January the 13th and 14th, 2012
at Hidden Planet Studio in Berlin, Germany.
Produced and mastered by Jan Oberg.
All music and vocals written and performed by Go Ahead.


released February 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Go Ahead Dessau, Germany

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Track Name: Live Free Or Die Trying
and yet again the years have passed
still standing here
means still standing fast
I thought I´d mellow down somehow
but this never meant more than right now

boring routine, conformity
tried to take away the best of me

I have been forcefed so many lies
but I´ve taken pride in fighting back
I´ve never thought
I´d come to the point
where I would find comfort in separation

from those unwilling to take a stand
against an uncompassionate,
numb and intoxicated way of life
that has been instilled
into all of us
but I fuckin´do

striving for liberation
I´m going to rip it all apart

standing strong
with a clear and conscious mind
in defense of those
who haven´t got a voice
stop handing out excuses
live free or die trying
Track Name: Cut It Loose
I try my best to keep this country at bay
try to keep all this bullshit away from me
as far as I can, because here
where national identity
always defines itself ethnically
I can hardly breathe

I´ve never really bought into the myth
of a murderous collective changing overnight
we are in desperate need of a couple more killjoys
swinging "moral hammers"

no matter how hard you disguise
there´s still nothing inside
but blood and soil
and these days revision, too

my integration capability
is strongly drifting towards zero
my will to partake in your renewal
has died a long time ago
Track Name: A Dream Deferred
wherever we turn
we will just see that
our entire lives
are built on violence

we´ve been brought up to never question
a life in fear of punishment
so empty and devoid of strenght
trained to fuckin´ obey

we all grow up within this
ambience of force
with their right to compel us
we breathe it throughout our existence

it´s time to reassess
what we approve and submit to
is violence really right as long as it´s lawful?
authority controls us
from the cradle to the grave

and it takes hold of us

being well, living free of domination
just stays a distant dream of ours
as long as we too
make use of force towards others
as if to follow suit would help us
to regain our hearts

when will we refuse to rule?
when will we rise from the dust?
can we deny to be masters?
will we be free?
Track Name: Glacier Hearts
I hate the view of leafless trees under a pale grey sky
I hate the slush of snow covering the frozen ground
and here we go again, five months of tragedy
my very own great depression
but this time I swear it´s gonna be a different story
I won´t watch the dropping temperature
dragging my heart down with it

for so many years I´ve witnessed
peoples hearts growing colder
and how they wanted to see me down, too
leaving me no choice but
to withdraw all my trust in them
when for too long I had to bear
their lack of effort and the absence of intention

fearing it might consume me slowly as it did them
I found out that I´m pretty good
at forgetting all those vicious words
they used to throw at me
and from there on out I knew
I´d have to walk down my own road
with my head up to the sky

and as the winter tries to rob
me of my passion I´ll just watch
it growing stronger day by day
no heart`s cold enough to freeze my will
not a winter long enough to kill
my hope for better days
a better place