by Go Ahead

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Recorded between May 30th and June 1st, 2008
at Little Big Ears Studio in Hamburg, Germany.
Produced and mastered by Christoph Stepan.
All music and vocals written and performed by Go Ahead.
Additional guitar on "To Gather Way" by Ego Dog.
Additional vocals on "To Gather Way" by Arne Citylights.


released September 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Go Ahead Dessau, Germany

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Track Name: W.I.S.E. (Wisdom Is Something Else)
You´d just love to see me change to become like you
instead of exchanging different views.
I don´t like the way you see the world either,
but I won´t be pointing my finger at you.
Sometimes the truth hurts, so don´t start whining at me
when it is you who are so quick to judge.
The funny thing about you and me
is that I do meet the stupid standards you have set,
but just don´t care about this shit, while you struggle so hard
and never make it there. Look, I´m kinda tired of
explaining myself for doing the right thing
over and over again.
It might not be to you what it is to me, so just let me live my life.
Don´t tell me to act adult, don´t tell me about accomplishment
when you haven´t accomplished the half of this.
Who are you to give good advices?
No, I´m not perfect. Do you think you are?
Though I´m living in it, I´m not advocating for
an outside world made by the likes of you.
My values are intact, how about yours?
Our values are intact.
Spare me your opinion about me, because I keep mine.
Be glad, you would be crushed.
Track Name: Not Welcome
What the fuck do you want in here? Don´t you see the doors are shut?
We don´t want racist scum around, so let´s get this clear.
Just want to say that you ain´t welcome.
We don´t want to have you creeping around.
This is an anti-fascist movement.
So we just wanna let you know that you ain´t welcome.
I suggest you read our lips: stay the fuck out of this scene!
Track Name: Final Stroke
Right on the frontline of a different war, a culture of reinterpretation.
A venom called national consciousness injected into our juvenile arms
while we were sleeping unaware of our responsibility to shut it down.
Pretending they´ve learned a lesson, they just have not and never will.
A memorial won´t offset the guilt of taking countless lives.
To relativize the past is like gainsaying the most immense crime.
Just can´t accept a step-by-step policy tending a return to normality.
You claim to be a victim too. There can´t be a final stroke!
Standing speechless towards a brick wall built out of lies, pride and ignorance.
A whole ocean full of mind-robbing thoughts.
Sometimes this city hides it´s past, makes me feel kinda comfortable.
But then the truth of it´s sickening history hits me at every corner.
Reminding me that we have to leave this place and I should be gone.
Because I believe there must not be a final stroke,
there can never be a final stroke!
Track Name: Our Best Days
So sick of hearing the same old negative things you keep saying.
No thanks if you´re trying to bring us down.
Can´t you just try to understand what this means to us?
The inspiration of sharing a scene and the stage with friends to trust.
It´s not just about fun, still it´s so much more.
We gave ourselves a chance and one chance was all we asked for.
You call it a waste of money, a waste of time.
But we put our hearts in something we believe is right.
This is something that cannot be taken from us.
These are our best days. They stay in our hearts
and we share them with those whose intentions are true.
Regardless where they are from.
Actions based on values that most could never understand.
Track Name: To Gather Way
Climbing the highest mountain, wandering the deepest gorge.
The world lies to our feet if we just dare to live our dreams.
This is me, this is us. The sun begins to rise.
We´re heading out to sea with the tide.
Track Name: The Challenge
And there are still those days I´m not living to the best
of my abilities, but I promise to better myself.
To turn the negative into some positive
and every mistake I made is just another lesson learned.
Who's got the strenght to improve? Who's got the strenght to care?
Who's got the will to make a difference in this world?
Who's got a reason to live and strive for greater things, if not we?
Basing our decisions on inner reflection,
because our life is the biggest challenge we´ll ever face.
And there are still those days I´m chocking on the presence
of these empty hearted, spineless flagwavers.
With no self-respect and nothing to live for.
All will, all love lost.
No, I can´t be like that, I´ll never be like them.
I´m holding on to those and the things I love.
And all the things I love.
Sometimes I struggle so hard to not become like those walking
the path of the living dead and fall victim to this hopeless world.
Still holding my anger. Trying to take control.
Willing to face my fears. And I keep asking myself:
Am I willing to make sacrifices to become the best I can be?
Am I willing to take the challenge to find balance and peace?
Am I willing to make sacrifices? Am I willing to take the challenge?
The challenge.